Facebook Pages Now Supported By Status Update Services Ping.fm, HelloTxt

facebook logoWe recently covered status update services Ping.fm and HelloTxt, competitors in the growing market for tools and services that help social media fans and online marketers  manage communication using multiple social media profiles. Now Facebook has made Facebook Pages, the publicly available profiles for businesses, accessible for updating via both Ping.fm and HelloTxt.

HelloTxt, for example, allows you to post text messages, images and videos directly to Facebook Page walls. And while both Ping.fm and HelloTxt support the common hashtag (#) convention used on many microblogging and social media sites these days, HelloTxt has gone further in allowing hashtags to be used as a way to quickly and easily manage outbound status updates. By using the Settings page, HelloTxt members can set hashtags to apply to individual or groups of social media sites, so that when a hashtag is invoked (such as “#dealoftheday,” for example) only those profiles tied to that hashtag will receive the status update. As ReadWriteWeb’s Sarah Perez points out, this should appeal to online marketers and social media workers who are managing multiple Facebook Pages at once.

Facebook’s aggressive promotion of new products such as Facebook Pages and Facebook Connect serves several purposes. Pages allows Facebook to become a more “open” platform for companies to market their products to its enormous online community, while Facebook Connect is vying to become a universal login that people can use to access social media web sites across the Internet.


While Facebook was already included in the services that Ping.fm and HelloTxt supported, when you updated your Facebook status, only friends of that profile could see it. Because Facebook Pages are not subject to the same privacy rules as regular Facebook profiles they can reach a wider audience and so are better-suited for being part of the social media strategy that online marketers are increasingly using to reach a large, yet targeted, online marketplace quickly and efficiently.

Are Facebook Pages part of your social media marketing strategy?