Web Celebs Declare They Are Geeks!

It’s hard to hate too much on the Society for Geek Advancement. I’m not quite sure what or how serious the project is, but the group wants us all to embrace our inner geek while giving a little something to charity (and a lot of self-promotion to a bunch of web celebs who are certainly not starved for online attention).

It would be easier to have fun with the group if it didn’t paint geeks at some kind of tortured sub-culture. From the Society’s about page: “The reality is, while geek seems to be the new chic and is spreading its wings in the land of mainstream culture, us native geeks are still a misunderstood community.”

The Society even created an accompanying video packed with a parade of web stars like Felicia Day, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Kevin Rose waving their geek flag. Which is pretty easy, if you are them. Felicia Day starred in Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible, and signed another exclusive deal with Microsoft and Sprint to air the third season of her hit web series The Guild. Vaynerchuk is expanding his wine empire and just signed a seven-figure, 10-book deal. And Kevin Rose’s segment appears to have been shot at a second floor pool side suite at the swanky Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Yes, pity the poor geek! Especially after some in the video snidely castigate the hoi polloi for not knowing the difference between Twitter and tweet or how to pronounce meme.

But, as we said at the start of this piece, you can’t get too mad at the so-called society, especially since it (hopefully) doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it encourages people donate to the Room to Read charity, which builds libraries and schools in developing countries.

Now we just need all these geeks to gather in one place for a big song along with Quincy Jones conducting.

We are the geek
We are the nerdlington
We are the ones who actually do get paid
From this web phenomenon