Ink Blogging With Smartpen by Livescribe

pulse_paperBlogging in ink is a cool thing to behold. The Tablet PC has long held the reins on ink blogging but the Smartpen by Livescribe we recently covered is looking to change that. The Smartpen records notes written in ink on the special paper and it also records audio at the same time. It’s designed to allow the recording of meetings so that the audio is in sync with the ink notes taken with the pen. It works like OneNote on the Tablet PC; you can tap on a spot on the notepage later and hear the audio that was recorded at the time the ink was written. Pretty cool in its own right, but imagine being able to embed that ink on your blog. You can with the Smartpen’s pencasts.

Livescribe allows Smartpen owners to upload their ink notes from the pen to an online account on their server. These accounts give you 250 MB of free storage for said notes, which can be kept private or shared with others. Pencasts are flash video that’s created from the ink notes and recorded audio, if it exists, can be embedded on a blog quite simply. That raises ink blogging to the next level, with the ability to speak to the blog audience alongside of the posts in ink. That is just darn cool any way you look at it. Check out the available pencasts on the Livescribe site and you’ll see what I mean. There are even those who are using the pencasts as podcasts with audio and ink, which is just awesome.

(via Gizmag)