Notable News from the Tech World

Bubble 3.0 is here! Dot-com holdover OpenTable went public today in the second venture-backed IPO since Rackspace’s listing in August of last year. Priced at $12-$14 earlier this week, the stock was repriced twice to stand at this morning’s offering of $20 — and that still¬†wasn’t high enough. The stock has surged as much as 50 percent to change hands for $30.

Notable Quote

People — particularly if they’re under 40 — have news priorities other than those of the editors of The New York Times or producers of the “NBC Nightly News.” A new tablet from Apple — or last night’s episode of “Gossip Girl” or the adventures of the hipster grifter — is a bigger deal than the latest petty scandal in Albany. You think that’s a damning indictment of modern society and a recipe for idiocracy? Fine. Start a nonprofit to cover all the local-government news you think a healthy society needs. But don’t expect advertisers — or commercially-minded publishers or readers, for that matter — to share your interests.” – Nick Denton, founder of Gawker Media

Notable News

A California congresswoman wants fiber conduits to be mandatory on road projects (Ars Technica)

Google reorganizes ad sales team (AdAge)

Eric Schmidt: Google doesn’t really have a “five-year plan” (Silicon Alley Insider)

Verizon spends $200 in ads alone for every new FiOS customer (AdAge)

Cat on Twitter has 500,000 followers (AP)