Vid-Biz: Hul-U.K.?, Celebri-Tweets, Remote Storage

Hulu in the U.K. in September? Sources tell the Telegraph that the content portal is looking to launch across the pond by the end of summer. (Telegraph) paidContent reports that no such target date has been set. (paidContent)

E! Seeks Celeb Tweets; entertainment network plans to run micro messages from the stars in the news crawl at the bottom of the screen. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Remote Storage DVR Coming this Summer? Cablevision COO tells an analyst his company could reach an agreement with programmers and the controversial technology could roll out soon. (Light Reading)

CW Ad Campaign: “TV Shows to Tweet About;” in a bid to stay hip with social media, the tagline in the TV Network’s ad will change to include TV to “blog about,” “text about” and more. (The New York Times) Crowdsources Film Financing; visitors to the Paris-based site can look through the catalog of films and invest as little as $10 to become a co-producer and potentially earn money if the film generates enough profit. (Variety)