Market7 Means Collaboration for Video Production

Market7 » HomeDoes your web work include video production? A major challenge for videographers is working closely with a client who knows what they want but doesn’t understand how to achieve it as they don’t know anything about the video production process. Clients also often don’t know when or how to give feedback in a way that keeps the project on track and heading in the right direction.

A tool that might help both videographers and their clients work through the video production process is Market7. This online suite of tools lets you upload a video to a private area of the site. Your client can then review the clip and comment on it. Their comments are embedded into the video timeline to match up so you can see the exact sections of the video they are discussing in order to help pinpoint and streamline the feedback process.

As the cut is in-progress, team members from both sides can continue to enter their input on the cut itself. Comments can be sorted, filtered and exported to an editing program such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere (s adbe) via XML so none of the valuable communication gets lost in translation.

But Market7 provides more features than just an embedded video commenting tool. It offers modules for collaboration on every step of the video production process, from building a creative brief, composing a script, organizing stored files and planning tasks and events related to the video production process. There is no software to download — every tool is web-based.

The creators of Market7 are former video producers and video clients who say they recognized a lack of tools and services for video production collaboration, a void that was causing both sides of the production process a great deal of frustration. Market7 is meant to help producers get more detailed feedback to produce an end product that the client is happy with, while for clients the tool should be easy to use and understand, even for the person who knows little to nothing about video production.

I saw a demo of Market7 at SXSW. Although video production is a very small portion of my web work, I can clearly see the value in having a collaboration tool on those few occasions when it is part of my project mix. There are definitely occasions when I feel like I’m going around in circles, with the client asking for one thing, the video editor delivering something else, and me not getting the information I need from either party to realize why we we’re all heading in different directions. Market7 could probably help me avoid some costly mistakes.

Market7 uses a freemium model, with free accounts offering a single admin account, one project, 100 MB of storage and up to five project members or participants. The premium level starts at $49.95 per month for 500MB of storage and unlimited projects and participants. Higher levels include more tech support, branded hosting, and more storage (up to 15 GB in total, with fees per additional gig).

How are you managing your web video production process?