Susan Boyle Performs Memory On Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finals

Has a new day begun for Susan Boyle? By which I mean, a new level of viral glory? The “Scottish spinster” sang in the semi-finals of the reality show that made her a YouTube sensation, ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, this Sunday.  She then won the round via public vote, which means she’ll be performing in the finals of the show this Saturday.

Without the element of surprise and a bit of what can only be considered nerves-induced wobbling at the beginning, Boyle’s performance of Memory, from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats, isn’t quite the showstopper that I Dreamed a Dream was. But her voice is still a standout, her eyebrows have been tamed, and her dress is very pretty.

Now the world waits to see if Memory catapults her into the 200 million views club, and if ITV figures out how to make some money off it this time.