Notable News From the Tech World

Apple has allowed e-book reader Eucalyptus into the iTunes App Store with “no filters” after extensive press coverage of the app’s rejection. The app was initially denied by Apple on the grounds that it contained “inappropriate content,” specifically the ability to download the “Kama Sutra” from Project Gutenberg, something that can be done from several other apps already on the store. Presumably, sales of Eucalyptus will be significantly higher because of the kerfuffle than they otherwise would have been.

Notable Quote

I got a phone in the beginning of February, and I immediately got the program so I could entertain myself.” — Artist Jorge Colombo, speaking of the iPhone drawing application Brushes. Colombo drew this week’s cover of The New Yorker magazine on his iPhone while standing outside Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Times Square.

Notable News

Obama will create a “Cyber Czar” position with a mandate to protect the country’s computer networks (Washington Post)

Nokia’s app store, Ovi, is a “complete disaster” (TechCrunch)

CBS and CNET, one year later (AdAge)

New York Times names a Social Media Editor, whatever that is (Valleywag)

Notable Funding

Facebook takes $200 million investment from Digital Sky Technologies at a valuation of $10 billion (Facebook)