Daily Sprout

Recession Presents Opportunities for Auto, Battery Makers: Battery company and aspiring electric car maker BYD Auto and Tata Motors, maker of the ultra-efficient Tata Nano, are part of a larger trend of cost-cutting companies in China and India that are finding opportunities to expand into foreign markets in the global recession. — The Economist

China’s Solar Roller Coaster: Most major Chinese suppliers of polysilicon feedstock and photovoltaic equipment in the solar industry have reported negative first-quarter earnings this month. But Chinese solar companies have been among the strongest performers in recent weeks, and they may end up acquiring less fortunate counterparts based in Europe. — Greenwire via NYT

Senate Republicans Heart Nuclear: Nuclear power proponents, including several Republican Senators, are ratcheting up their rhetoric and calling for a huge buildout of nuclear power plants. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

How to Get Noticed by Quercus Trust: David Gelbaum’s Quercus Trust is famously stealthy. Want to get on the firm’s radar? Then publish a paper in a peer-reviewed journal, troll the 21Ventures web site and be a small, publicly traded company. — Greentech Media

Cool Options Pulled for UK Prius?: Just-announced prices for the upcoming third-generation hybrid are pretty much the same as the second-generation for the UK market, but possibly without some of the gadgets and features available in other markets. — AutoblogGreen