Report: Humor Top Mobile Video Category

imageThere has been a 20 percent quarter-on-quarter increase in US mobile video viewship according to Nielsen, with the most popular category being comedy, followed by weather, sports, music and news/finance. “NBC took the top spot in the brand ranking (with a 40.1 percent share of viewers), followed by Fox (38.3 percent) and MTV Networks (NYSE: VIA) (32.9 percent). YouTube ranked fourth in the brand rankings, but came in at the top of the channel rankings (29.4 percent), followed by the Weather Channel (28.9 percent), Fox (27.2 percent) and Comedy Central (25.8 percent)” reports AdWeek. More than 60 percent of people watching mobile video are below the age of 35. People who watched mobile video did so for an average of 13 sessions each month and about 15 minutes per session.

Photo Credit: Flickr/dan taylor