Computer Sciences’ New Cloud Strategy Focuses on Security

Computer Sciences Corp. (s csc), the IT service organization, today laid out its strategy for the cloud. Unsurprisingly, CSC’s cloud products will focus on being reliable and secure enough for enterprises and the federal government. CSC will continue providing its managed hosting business, but later this year will launch an infrastructure-as-a-service product that will provide secure cloud computing and storage that takes into account geographical location and differing regulatory environments. It will also build out a platform and offer software that will help companies connect other clouds to their secure CSC clouds or to the CSC platform. Pricing and further services built on top of CSC’s clouds and other clouds will be announced in the next few months.

Most interesting to me was that Brian Boruff, vice president of CSC’s Cloud Computing business, said the company was leaning toward building its cloud infrastructure with Cisco’s new unified computing system. Given the competition CSC has with the IT services offered by HP (s Hpq) and IBM (s ibm), it is also evaluating Dell (s dell) hardware. However, CSC did participate in the launch of Cisco’s new unified computing systems, and Boruff said, “We’re talking to Dell, but right now the most advanced discussions are with Cisco.”

CSC’s cloud computing offerings would compete with those from Rackspace (s RAX) and Amazon (s AMZN) at the infrastructure-as-a-service level. Because of the high levels of reliability and customer service emphasized by CSC, I imagine it will draw business from folks who are considering Rackspace’s CloudServer product. Those folks may need a better service level agreement or exact knowledge about where their data is being stored than what Amazon currently offers. The announcement also leaves me wondering when IBM and HP are going to announce their own big cloud computing plays, rather than webinars and research projects. I think this summer, we’re going to see some big players launch real products  to take on various layers of the cloud.