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Will Google Lead the Way in Mobile App Innovation?: Android may not have taken off as quickly or to the same degree as the iPhone, but it could well lead the shift to a whole new class of mobile apps.

Featured Research Reports:

The Future of Pay TV Services by Colin Dixon Steve Hawley: How pay-TV services are coping with new and disruptive market entrants enabled by over-the-top video, as well as how cable and satellite providers are dealing with fiber-enabled telcos delivering TV services.

4G: State of the Union by Chetan Sharma: This report discusses the main drivers behind 4G, as well as the two main technology contenders — LTE and WiMAX. It also takes a look at how broadband impacts consumer behavior and the impact 4G might have on the mobile ecosystem. And it drills down into many of the most significant, related issues that will arise around 4G over the next few years, namely backhaul capacity constraints, spectrum allocation, business models and pricing plans, and increased competition from new entrants both from the content and infrastructure side. Only after addressing these issues can we experience the true potential of 4G.

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