Coinstar Gets Into Social Gaming; Will Sell Prepaid Game Cards For Facebook, Others

imageLending more credence to reports that Facebook has a universal virtual payment platform in the works, is news that coin-counting machine company Coinstar will start selling prepaid online game cards this summer — including cards for games and apps on Facebook.

Coinstar, which recently acquired DVD-rental kiosk-maker Redbox, inked deals with game companies like WildTangent, Spare Change and Aeria Games to offer the cards; buyers will be able to use them for subscriptions and tokens on casual games sites, to buy goods in virtual worlds (and in social games on Facebook and MySpace), as well as for massively multiplayer online (MMO) games.

Coinstar will start selling the cards at its Pay As You Go display racks in more than 500 Cumberland Farms grocery stores; the company said it will expand the program to other retailers later this year. Release.