Vid-Biz: Startups, iPhone, Best Buy

TOTLOL Closing Down; faced with “harsh limits” because it used videos from YouTube and targeted kids, the one-developer video site closes down. (TechCrunch) Elsewhere on in startup land, SplashCast is looking for a buyer: UGC company trying to sell itself after failing to raise a B round. (TechCrunch)

WSJ: iPhone to Have Video; source who’s seen the new model says it has more horsepower and can do video editing. (The Wall Street Journal) The iPhone’s popularity is in part driving mobile video, and according to new stats from Pyramid Research, the number of global users paying for mobile video and TV services will increase fivefold to 534 million by 2014. (CNET)

Best Buy Partners with CinemaNow; movies will be available through the retailer’s web site and on some devices sold in stores. (Video Business)

DTV Switch a Boon to Pay TV and HDTV Sales; the impending analog shut-off has driven 8 percent of U.S. TV households to buy an HDTV, and 5 percent started a new pay TV subscription. (release)

Watch the “Bing-a-Thon” on Hulu; Microsoft promotes its new search tool with an hour-long program on the portal featuring Olivia Munn and Jason Sudeikis; viewers can then watch Hulu ad-free. (The New York Times)

Blade Runner Prequel (Kinda) Series Coming to Web; Ridley Scott’s RSA Films working on the series, which will incorporate story input from viewers and be released under the Creative Commons license. (The New York Times)

Home Premieres on YouTube; Luc Besson’s environmental documentary debuts today in theaters and online (in HD!). (YouTube)