Top 5 Products I Want After Seeing the Apple WWDC Keynote

applestoreI probably should have learned my lesson from my laptop battery crapping out and my iPhone dropping calls on the overloaded AT&T network at Moscone in San Francisco today. But at its developers’ conference, Apple offered some tasty new products that this consumer wants to get her grubby hands on. Here are the top five things announced at WWDC that I covet:

  1. A 13″ Macbook Pro laptop for $1,199. A nice compact computer with firepower? Sign me up. 2.26 GHz Core 2 duo, 160 GB hard drive, 2 GB DDR3 memory, 9400M graphics, built-in SD card slot, and, so they claim, a good battery that actually lasts. I’ll believe it when I try it, but I really want to try it.
  2. I may be a longtime Mac user, but I’ve never felt inspired to spend $99 per year for MobileMe yet. One new product that’s bundled with the service rocked my world: “Find My iPhone!” It’s pretty self-explanatory, but the features are excellent. You can see on a map where your phone is located at that instant. You can send the phone an “I’m lost” message to display and make it play a sound, even if you left it in silent mode. If it was really lost or stolen, you can remote wipe all your personal information. But if you were wrong and it was just misplaced, you can restore it. And with one fell swoop, Apple cures high blood pressure everywhere! (But c’mon…do I really have to buy MobileMe?)
  3. A new iPhone. This is the announcement I was dreading. I really don’t need an upgrade. I really don’t. But speed speed speed, battery life, voice control, video capture…sigh. At least I can comfort myself while I use my perfectly good iPhone that AT&T is taking its sweet time making the new phone fully functional by withholding tethering and MMS support until its network can handle it.
  4. Zipcar app, coming this summer. OK, there’s no reason for me to want this. I own my own car. But how sweet is it that you can honk the horn and unlock the doors of a Zipcar using an app from your iPhone? I only hope they’ve thought the security through really, really well, because I would love to see this set an example for a world where your phone is your remote control for everything.
  5. Tom Tom app. A GPS navigator is another thing I’ve never wanted to shell out for, but if this is priced reasonably in the iTunes store, I’d go for it. The app gives turn-by-turn directions via the iPhone — finally! Tom Tom is also offering a new iPhone accessory that improves the GPS, holds the phone on your dash and charges it at the same time (good thing, GPS is a monumental battery drain).