Qik to Be Pre-Loaded on Nokia N97

Qik’s live, mobile video-casting software will be pre-loaded onto all of Nokia’s Symbian S60 handsets, starting with the N97, the two companies announced today. According to the press release, the N97 will include:

  • “nHD quality” video, which has widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio video with 642×358 resolution (see examples here).
  • One-button sharing of live-streams to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social networks.
  • Touchscreen that supports 19 languages.

This tighter integration builds on the existing relationship between the two companies. Qik’s live-streaming software had already been featured on Nokia’s Ovi Store application depot and was integrated into Nokia’s Ovi Share online video-sharing platform.

Capturing and sharing video is becoming a bigger part of our mobile experience, and the space is starting to heat up with big players jumping in. The Android mobile platform recently added video capturing and sharing support through its Cupcake release. And yesterday, Apple unveiled its new video-enabled 3G S iPhone. Support for live video-casting wasn’t part of the iPhone announcement, but Qik has already surreptitiously put its software on the device before. Will it have to be sneaky to do it again? We’ve contacted Qik to find out what yesterday’s iPhone plans means for it, and we’ll update as we find out more.