Topic Pages: Research in Context

Most of us in the tech world have a particular market sector we focus on when it comes to information. When we’re developing a new initiative for our current business, justifying a project to management, looking for a new growth path for our careers, or even planning to start a new company, we want new information in the context of the industry we care about.

That’s why we’ve designed the GigaOM Pro site around Topic Pages — currently, there are four, focused on Infrastructure, Mobile, Green IT, and the Connected Consumer — overseen by curators. While our analysts’ reports and contributor Long Views provide a deeper understanding of market segments and opportunities, we know its important to tie that deeper analysis to the news of the day and the week; our topic curators provide the context that is necessary in the fast-changing markets we follow.

To help our subscribers keep afloat in the deluge of daily news and information, the curators look for and comment on the biggest news of the day in their space — you can check out recommended reading in Curated Links on the Topic Page, or subscribe to an RSS feed (Infrastructure, Mobile, Green IT, Connected Consumer). They also write a weekly update to put an issue from the news of the week into perspective.

So, who are our curators?

  • Over at Green IT, we have Celeste LeCompte (@celrae), our Research and Special Projects Editor. She’s an expert on sustainable industries and cleantech, and for GigaOM Pro Celeste keeps an eye on how green technology is intersecting with the the world of information technology.
  • Colin Gibbs (@colin_gibbs), who oversees our Mobile Topic Page, is a recognized expert on mobile data and broadband after working at RCR Wireless for years.
  • Derrick Harris (@derrickharris), our Infrastructure Topic Page curator, is a regular contributor to GigaOM in the area of cloud computing and has been helping readers understand the on-demand computing market since joining the the seminal grid computing publication GRIDtoday in 2003.
  • And I’m your Connected Consumer curator (@michaelwolf), lending some of the lessons I’ve learned as a decade-long consumer technology analyst to the fast changing world of devices, digital media and connectivity.

We’re all interested in hearing more from our community (even if you’re not a subscriber) so check it out and be sure to send us plenty of feedback. Message any of the curators from their profiles (linked above) or send us links and feedback via Twitter (@gigaompro).

And, if you’re interested in mainly one topic in our research offering, I’d suggest bookmarking one of our topic pages and making that one of your daily destinations. By checking in frequently on our topic pages, you can get a daily read on the biggest news and keep tabs on the most current in-depth analysis by our curators, editors and analysts.