DTV Switch Sans Big Glitch

TV stations across the U.S. shut down their analog transmissions on Friday, and so far, the national switch to digital television appears to be going without any major hiccups. Broadcasting & Cable reports that the FCC’s DTV help line received a record 317,450 calls on Friday, but there was no “widespread disruption” to over-the-air broadcasts.

The LA Times writes that retailers also had enough DTV converters stocked to meet consumer demand.

Though things went smoothly for the most part, some markets, like in Cincinnati, were experiencing heavier-than-expected help call volumes and topographical issues.

Despite the easy transition, FCC Chairman Michael Copps said his agency’s work isn’t done yet. In remarks about the DTV transition (PDF), Copps wrote:

“But in a broader sense, the transition is not over, even for those of us who dutifully connected our converter boxes by yesterday’s deadline. Because despite the understandable focus on June 12, the DTV transition is not a one-day affair. There will be a period of adjustment as we all figure out how to make this new technology work in the real world. Some consumers still need to get converter boxes. Others will have to move or adjust their antennas or perhaps even buy more powerful ones in order to receive the channels they should be receiving.”