An Open Request to Apple: Rent Shows Through iTunes


If you’re like me, you have one of many choices to view your television shows. TiVo, your own DVR, Netflix, Hulu, cable — whatever makes you happy. But for the last 6 months, I’ve been trying to budget both my time and money. In doing so, I’ve cut cable completely.

Between regular channels (with no DVR) and Hulu, I’ve been able to keep current with most of my favorite shows. However there is only so much I can keep up with on Hulu, and so much eye strain I can take from a 13-inch screen.

I propose, and with the community’s support, that rentals should be extended to television shows within iTunes. I’d love nothing more then the opportunity to rent a series, or subscribe to it for less than half the current price to own a TV series from the iTunes store.

This would allow viewers to watch within 24 hours of a current show, instead of waiting for up to two weeks with other free, online services. It would also allow viewers the comfort of watching premium content and shows completely commercial-free, where and when they please. If a current standard definition video sells for $2.99, would it not be possible to rent a single episode for 50 cents? This would roughly make a season of 12 episodes about $6, or $11 for a 22-episode series. Depending on how many seasons or shows you watch in a year, this could be really cost-effective.

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