Big Opportunities for Semiconductors in LED Lighting: Report

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., like many semiconductor companies, is on the lookout for new markets, and according to some reports, the company thinks it could generate more than $2 billion in revenue from opportunities that include solar and LEDs. The company’s not alone. The semiconductor business is struggling in the face of a long recession and the success of less powerful, smaller-margin chips like Intel’s Atom; but demand for green technologies is going strong, and innovative products in this area could help semiconductor companies bolster their margins.

A new GigaOM Pro report out today looks more closely at one green opportunity: LED solid-state lighting. It’s the first research note in a three-part series from the GigaOM Analyst Network’s Katherine Austin looking at how semiconductor companies can capitalize on opportunities in the green market. Among her findings, Austin says the market for LEDs in general lighting applications could reach $10 billion by 2012, up more than 40 percent from today’s total LED market (which also includes LEDs for cars, cell phones, etc.) Get the full analysis here (subscription required).