New Intel Atom Graphics Driver Offers Major Video Improvements

sony-vaio-pThe forums over at Pocketables are abuzz about a new graphics driver from Intel for the GMA that users are finding offers great improvements in playing video on the Sony (s sne) VAIO P. The new driver is for Vista (s msft) and can be installed on Windows 7, too, but Windows XP users are in the cold. The VAIO P is one of the few netbooks running Vista which is why these folks found these improvements.

This driver is quite an improvement. I just watched an HQ YouTube video in full screen and it was pretty much flawless. I hope that Netflix and Hulu are just as good now.

More importantly – iTunes video has gone from completely unwatchable to nearly perfect. Browsing the web feels snappier on some of the more gfx rich pages.

Install this driver, it is a vast improvement from the previous driver as far as general video performance, I can finally use Aero on Windows 7 without a noticeable performance hit.

If you have a VAIO P it sounds like you may want to install this driver. Other netbooks running Windows 7 may be able to handle it too but as always be careful, you may get your system hosed.

(via Portable Monkey)