Talk and Play Tunes Through BlackBerry’s Visor Mount Speakerphone

blackberry-visor-mount-speakerphone-vm605Hands-free communications is becoming more important these days. Many places are creating, or have already passed, hands-free laws that make it illegal to hold the phone and talk while driving. BlackBerry (s RIMM) recently introduced a Bluetooth speakerphone solution to compete with the many third-party options on the market. The Visor Mount Speakerphone VM-605 adds more than simple hands-free conversation, though.

The $99 device also streams wireless music from your BlackBerry through your vehicle’s speaker system. I’m curious how the audio quality of that function is since the VM-605 acts as a wireless bridge using two different technologies. The device clearly accepts the audio from your handset using the Bluetooth A2DP profile, but then pipes it to your speakers through an integrated FM modulator. I’d have to hear that to gauge the quality. As if that weren’t enough, the VM-605 also works with select third-party GPS mapping applications. Deets are scarce on that bit, but I gather that you can speak your mapping request and/or the device will pipe turn-by-turn directions through your vehicle speakers.

The device isn’t much bigger than a handset and includes an 1100mAh battery, so there’s no need to have a power wire hanging down from the visor.