Current Scraps Twitter-Centric Agency Search (And Exec Behind The Idea)

Al Gore-backed Current Media enticed multiple ad agencies to tweet for its business in April, but now the attention-grabbing idea has been shelved and the executive behind it is gone — as the digital media company reevaluates whether it even needs an ad agency at all. VP of brand Jordan Kretchmer hatched the Twitter RFP (request for proposal) idea; Adweek reports that he’s left the company, replaced by Michael Streefland who will serve as SVP of marketing.

Streefland told Adweek that the RFP process led to discussions about whether the company had a solid “strategic direction” in place; the executive team decided to put the agency search on hold until the details were hashed out, and plans to update the agencies that pitched within “a few weeks.” Meanwhile, Kretchmer’s departure was described as “mutually amicable;” he’s headed to a venture-backed startup.