Firefox 3.5 and New VLC Media Player Are Out As Portable Apps

If you happen to carry a USB thumb drive or a netbook for mobile work, you’re probably already familiar with PortableApps. It’s a collections of great open-source applications in one free download. Many of the applications are lightweight, portable versions of larger applications that come complete with launchers that make it easy to run the applications anywhere — even if you’re not on your own computer.

The team at PortableApps regularly updates the already good-collection of titles in the suite, and this week added two new applications: Firefox 3.5, Portable Edition, and VLC Media Player 1.0, Portable Edition.

Even if you don’t use the whole PortableApps suite, these are outstanding applications for a portable drive or a device such as a netbook. Firefox 3.5, Portable Edition comes bundled with a PortableApps launcher, so you can launch it directly from a USB thumb drive and have Firefox available with all of your customizations, no matter where you are. It syncs with your bookmarks, extensions and saved passwords so it provides a lightweight portable facsimile of your normal Firefox setup. You can find installation instructions and usage tips for Firefox 3.5, Portable Edition at the bottom of this page.

VLC Media Player has long been one of the best open-source applications available for multimedia content, especially video. It’s compatible with nearly every video format found online, even the more obscure ones from remote parts of the world. It’s also out in a new version 1.0, which we covered on the OStatic blog. The new version now does live recording and has instant pausing and frame-by-frame playback. There are also new HD codecs (AES3, Dolby Digital Plus, TrueHD, Blu-Ray Linear PCM, Real Video 3.0 and 4.0, and more). VLC Media Player is also good as a way to broadcast streaming video content on the web, which is a trend on the rise in businesses and entertainment arenas alike.

You can now download the Portable Edition, Version 1.0 of VLC Media Player here. Its tagline is “play your media anywhere,” because it will fit snugly on even a small USB thumb drive, iPod, portable hard drive or netbook.  It also won’t leave a history of your usage on any computer you choose to use it on. The updates in version 1.0 are substantial, and even if you normally use another media player, version 1.0 of this open-source offering is good to have in both the full release and the Portable Edition.

Which applications would you like to see made into Portable Editions?