By The Numbers: A Snapshot Of Michael Jackson’s Memorial

Final stats are in from the Michael Jackson memorial — and the verdict is that while it was a huge event in terms of web traffic and online video streaming, it was actually eclipsed in many cases by traffic on the day of Jackson’s death (and by the Obama inauguration in terms of actual streams). Some highlights:

CNN: 10.5 million live streams (second-highest ever — topped only by the Obama inauguration); 781,000 concurrent streams; 15.6 million unique visitors; Quite a bit of “citizen journalism” action as well: there were 646 Michael Jackson-related submissions to iReport, 31 of which CNN used on air or on 19 million total streams (surpassed the record set during its online coverage of the 2009 inauguration); 510,000 concurrent streams; over 75,000 Michael Jackson-related tweets through its live feed/Tinker integration.

Yahoo: 5 million total streams (blowing away the 1.8 million streams during the Obama inauguration) — but fewer concurrent streams: 385,000 simultaneous streamers for Jackson’s memorial, compared to 430,000 for the inauguration.

ABC: 6 million live streams (across and partner sites including *Yahoo* and *Charter*); over 500,000 hits to its mobile news site; 50,000 status updates through Facebook Connect. 3.4 million total streams (compared to 5 million on Inauguration Day); over 676,800 concurrent streams.

E! Online: Around 87,000 streams through Facebook Connect; 939,000 unique visits and 6.9 million page views.