Missing Sync for Palm Pre Released: Synergy with the Mac

MissingSync-PalmPre-sync-progressThe Missing Sync has long been the way for smartphone owners to keep their data synchronized with their Macs (s aapl). The program has been available for most smartphones and now can add the Palm (s palm) Pre to the list of supported phones. Version 1.0 of the Missing Sync for the Pre has some interesting features that take advantage of the special Synergy technology on the Pre.

Synergy is the Pre’s ability to have PIM information shared among the various apps on the phone along with info from the web. Missing Sync provides synchronization of iCal, Entourage, Address Book, iTunes and iPhoto on the Mac with the Pre. Using Synergy the Pre will then present Mac Address Book contacts with Google and Facebook contacts pulled from the web. Mac iCal calendars also appear layered into the Pre calendar app.

Proximity syncing is supported with this version of Missing Sync as the program can be configured to automatically sync over Wi-Fi whenever the Pre is near the Mac. The ability to sync Safari bookmarks to the Pre is coming soon via a program update when available.

The Missing Sync for the Pre is $39.95 and can be found on the Missing Sync web site.