Vid-Biz: TiVo, Qik, FCC

Best Buy and TiVo Hook Up; retailer to heavily promote the DVR maker and bring TiVo tech to Best Buy’s Insignia line of devices; TiVo to develop version of its box that lets Best Buy advertise its products directly to the TV. (The New York Times)

Qik Gets $5.5 Million; round led by Quest Venture Partners and Camp Ventures. (VentureBeat)

FCC Steps into Verizon’s Spat with Cablevision; Verizon asks the feds for help since Cablevision won’t sell the Madison Square Garden network in HD to FiOS TV. (The Hollywood Reporter)

GoAnimate Launches Software as a Service Model; will allow any company to deploy GoAnimate’s animation tools, Cartoon Network using the platform for its Toon Creator. (emailed release)

Ad Buyers Flex Their Power Over TV Networks; the upfront negotiations haven’t even started yet as the recession, multi-platform deals and even Jay Leno complicate the ad buying process. (The Wrap)

ESPN Rolls Out Fancy New Home Run Tracking TV Technology; “Ball Track” uses Doppler radar to create a graphic that shows real-time distance the ball travels from the crack of the bat to where it stops. (Broadcasting & Cable)