Web Series Advertising Hits the Streets for In The Moment

Say what you want about Dr. Horrible‘s success — but did it ever get a bus stop ad? Three months ago, when I reviewed the gay soap opera In the Moment, produced in part by the city of West Hollywood, Calif., I commented that the series and accompanying social networking site were heavily targeted to the gay community that resides here. But I didn’t ever think I’d see posters for the show while jogging along Santa Monica Blvd.


The strategy, to me, works because it’s a way of reaching out to people who may not spend a lot of time seeking out online video content but would enjoy the show. (Billboards and posters in this area are often focused in this way — currently, at the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd. and Fairfax Ave., the In the Moment bus stop ads are alternated with posters for Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno.)

But is this the first ever outdoor advertising campaign for a web series? And is it something we’ll see more of in the future? Discuss in the comments.