Add a Battery Meter to Your Cursor

battcursorPhil Ferris, our man in Cornwall, England, got the jump on me today. I normally read Business Hacks during my daily routine, but Phil beat me to it. Of course, he’s several time zones ahead, so I’m going to have to visit him and have a local RSS reading challenge soon. 😉

Phil pointed out another useful battery meter utility, and since I’ve been taking a closer look at Windows 7 on my UMPC (more on that later), the timing is perfect. I’m always looking at different battery meters because I like to auto-hide the Windows taskbar on the small screen. That, in turn, hides the native battery icon in the Windows system tray. Business Hacks thinks that BattCursor could work for folks like me. The free app adds your remaining battery level percentage to the cursor on your screen.

That might sound annoying, but you can customize the transparency level of the notification. And your cursor can be configured to turn yellow or red when the battery level gets close to the critical level. The software can even turn your Aero Glass windows yellow or red as you approach a low battery level. The BattCursor devs say this uses an undocumented feature of Windows, so that function could disappear. As your battery levels decline, the utility can auto-dim your screen and disable Aero Glass in order to save a wee bit more juice.

BattCursor runs on Microsoft Windows Vista and 7 (s msft), at least up to the Release Candidate of the latter. Thanks, Phil!