Amimon Raises $10 Million

amimon-2nd-gen-chips-2Wireless HD chip maker Amimon announced today it has raised a $10 million Series D round of funding. The round was led by Stata Venture Partners, and included “all significant investors” from earlier rounds, including Argonaut Private Equity, Cedar Fund, Evergreen Venture Partners, Walden Israel and Motorola Ventures, the strategic venture capital arm of Motorola (s mot).

Amimon’s technology allows you to transmit wireless HD content like movies and games from devices to your TV, no wires needed. The company, which backs the WHDI wireless HD standard, has now raised $50 million in funding. Competitor SiBEAM, which uses the WirelessHD standard, has raised roughly $78 million. Quantenna, which uses WiFi for transmission, has raised $42 million. And if that wasn’t enough, Amimon faces big rivals in the WiGig Alliance, backed by heavyweights such as Intel (s intc), Dell (s dell) and Broadcom (s brcm).

Devices using the Amimon chipset are predominately in Europe and Japan. In April, the company released its second-generation chips, which Amimon says can wirelessly deliver full uncompressed 1080p/60Hz HD content around the home, with a range of 100 feet — even through walls — with a latency of less than 1 millisecond.