OneNote Included in All Versions of Office 2010

OneNote iconThe announcement introducing Microsoft Office 2010 got a lot of attention, especially information about the Web Apps. Office is a big money-maker for Microsoft (s msft), and every new major version is an attention-grabber. One little fact fell by the wayside during all of the hoopla, however: OneNote is to be included in all versions of Office 2010.

This is big news for OneNote users who previously had to buy a premium Office suite to get it, or pay extra for OneNote. The OneNote Blog gives us the straight scoop:

I thought you all would like to know that OneNote is now included in all Office editions! That means no matter what Office box you buy or what you company purchases OneNote will be on the disc!  I remember when I first started on the team OneNote 2003 was a stand alone version of and even though we were a part of Office but wasn’t in the box.  I would tell people what product I worked on and people would ask “is OneNote in standard?” or “I have pro I don’t see OneNote”.  Then when we found that we were included in the Home & Student and Enterprise editions we were overjoyed and excited to be in the box.  But now I can tell people that no matter what version of Office they buy they will have OneNote!  I feel like we have really come along a long way from a standalone app to being a core part of the Office experience.

The OneNote team is understandably excited about this “promotion” at Microsoft. OneNote is a fantastic application that is not promoted heavily by the folks at Redmond. Maybe this means more people will get exposed to OneNote.