Scarborough: WaPo And Gannett Dominate Local Newspaper Audiences

When it comes to attracting local readers, ranks higher than any other newspaper website in the country, according to Scarborough Research’s biannual report of newspaper audience ratings. That said, only 24 percent of local adults went to the online site at least once in a recent 7-day period. WaPo was followed in the newspaper site rankings by Hearst’s and Cox Newspapers’ Austin, Tx.-based, both of which drew an average of 21 percent of adults in their respective areas.

Gannett’s lock on local online/print audiences: The papers in the combined print and web audiences rankings have two things in common. Out of the top five, the first three in order of ranking are owned by Gannett (NYSE: GCI). And among all five, three are based in upstate New York. Naturally, the audience rankings are considerably higher when print and web are combined. At the head of the pack: the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, with about 78 percent penetration among local adults who said they either went to the website or read the print version.

Not to far behind was the Des Moines Register, with 69 percent, and the Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers, which had 68 percent of collective digital and paper readers. The Syracuse Post-Standard and Buffalo News rounded out that list with 68 percent and 66 percent combined readership.