Nottable Laptop Stand- Use Your Notebook In Any Position

Nottable sittingNotebook stands are a dime a dozen, and they come in all shapes and sizes. It’s unusual, however, when one appears that can be used in many different configurations while sporting high-quality aluminum construction. A new stand from a Brazilian inventor is definitely well constructed and it’s amazing how it can be adjusted to fit any working pose. Want to use your notebook sitting in a chair? How about sitting on the floor? Maybe you’d rather stand while working? Or use your notebook lying in bed? The Nottable stand can be configured to provide access in any of those stances, and more.

The Nottable is available for $150 in a variety of colors. The manufacturer’s video shows how well constructed it is, how quickly it can be set up, and how adjustable it is. You can literally adjust the Nottable to fit the exact height needed for the way you want to work, no matter what position you prefer. You can quickly change the position from time to time to vary your working ergonomics —  a good thing. I need me one of these, that’s for sure.

Nottable floor