Caught on Tape! Goo Invades Alaskan Waters

If this was the sequel to the North Carolina sewer creature we chatted about recently, it would probably be called Slimey II: Deadly Northern Exposure. This summer’s monster jam moved northward to Alaska where a 15 mile-long band of black biological goo has been spotted creeping through the Chukchi Sea.

Is it the blob? A sea monster? The black oil from The X-Files?

Sadly(?), the answer is much more mundane. From the Anchorage Daily News:

Miles of the thick, dark gunk had been spotted floating between Barrow and Wainwright, prompting North Slope Borough officials and the Coast Guard to investigate last week. A sample was sent to a DEC lab in Palmer, where workers looked at it under a microscope and declared it some kind of simple plant — an algae, Meggert said.

Though it’s just algae, the appearance of this goo is still a mystery. Officials and even Alaska natives said they had never seen such a thing.

The big question is — where will the next monster strike? It could be in your town…perhaps in your very home! Dunh-dunh-dunh!