iPhone Headphone Freedom Coming Thanks to Third-Party Apple Remote


My Apple (s aapl) in-ear headset is fine. Despite complaints that there’s too much cable noise, and that they don’t seal well, I’ve had little trouble personally (or I’m just good at overlooking flaws in Apple hardware). Still, I have some nice noise-canceling Sony DJ cups just sitting unused in my closet, and I’m actually far more partial to an around-the-ear than an in-ear design. But I need the in-line remote.

It’s a problem whose solution is obvious: build a third-party remote/adapter that will allow regular headphones to work with the iPhone, including all the fun new remote features available on the 3GS and the 2G touch. Unfortunately, I am not a third-party hardware peripheral manufacturer. iLuv, however, is, and luckily they had the same bright idea.

The iLuv iEA15 adapter has been announced, according to Crave Asia, and offers a solution for those unwilling to trash their current headphones of choice in favor of something with less sound/comfort quality with a built-in Apple remote. It’s compatible with any iPod or iPhone that supports remote functions, which includes the newest iPod Shuffle, and, I assume, the iPhone 3G, albeit without the use of the volume buttons, since those weren’t supported until the 3GS.

You’ll also get Voice Control and VoiceOver support via the in-line microphone, which is frankly the best part about this new remote. So long as quality isn’t an issue (and hopefully won’t be, since iLuv has a pretty good track record so far), I can easily see this taking over as my iPhone peripheral of choice. I may even spring for those Bose Quiet Comfort 2 headphones I’ve had my eye on.

No word yet on official release date or pricing, but you can bet it’ll be less than the $80 Apple charges for its in-ear headset, and probably well under what most third-party headset manufacturers charge, too. It’ll work with the 3GS, iPod touch 2G, and Shuffle 3G as mentioned above, and also with the iPod classic 120GB and iPod nano 4G.