Update Your Netbook’s Look and Feel For Free With XPize

That shiny, new netbook you’re using does everything you want it to do, but Windows XP is definitely showing its age with the old-school interface. What you need is a free utility that adds lots of features with updated graphics. That’s where XPize comes in, as it adds lots of pretty bells and whistles.
XPize is the product of a project run by volunteer developers, and it updates many of the UI elements in Windows XP to make them look fresher. It adds a number of nice visual styles that don’t change Windows XP; they just make it look more modern. It is perfect for netbooks, most of which run XP. Give it a try if you want to spruce up that old XP interface. There is also a Vize for you Vista users, and the group plans a Sevenize once Windows 7 is released.
XPize desktop
(via I Started Something)