Hello Again, Windows. Hello.

windows-7-logoAh yes, that Neil Diamond fave is coming to mind. I’m talking about “Hello Again” for you kids growing up on the Black Eyed Peas. Taking a cue from Om, I’m going to make a little switcheroo from the Mac to Windows. Unlike Om, who’s only going to run Windows on Fridays and Saturdays, I think I’ll make it more of a full-time venture — at least for a little while. Instead of alternating between OS X and Windows as needed, I’ll give up OS X for a few solid weeks.

Why do this? Well, I’ve recently said elsewhere that I’m OS-agnostic. That’s mainly due to my heavy use of web apps and services. But until we use nothing but a browser (next year, maybe?), there are still some daily ┬átouch-points with the operating system. And I’m impressed with Windows 7 in general. Some would argue that it’s more of a service pack to Vista, but I don’t care if that’s true or not. I’m simply amazed that a beta hit last October and the final version is due out this October. That’s just one year from beta to release and it shows promise that Microsoft can make positive things happen quicker.
My OS X diet won’t start until August 6th, as that’s the first day I can possibly get the final RTM version. At times like this, I’m glad I have a Microsoft TechNet subscription since it gives me some early access. One caveat in this: the MacBook will still get used to record our podcast due to technical issues. We’ve recorded with a mix of machines in the past and have had audio synchronization issues. That’s something I simply don’t want to deal with. But for everything else, it’s going to be Windows. My MSI Wind will get the final Windows 7 build first, followed by the Lenovo x301 loaner that I just don’t like. Between those two machines, I have plenty of portability and horsepower for my day to day tasks.
Of course, I’ll still be living in the clouds. Nearly all of my data is there to begin with, so it will be a snap to get at what I need. Aside from installing some alternative browsers, I won’t have much setup work to do. And don’t worry — I’ll give Internet Explorer 8 a good go for starters, too. But if I find that Firefox, Chrome (s goog) or Safari (s aapl) are working faster for my activities, I’ll have no hesitation to make the switch.
Bear one important point in mind — my effort isn’t to determine the “best” operating system. The best one is the one that works for you, so I can’t tell you which is best. My intention is to embrace the new version of Windows and point out the good and the bad. It’s only when we’re armed with that information that we can determine which operating system is “best” for us, as individuals.