Steve Jobs Asked to Deliver CES 2010 Keynote

Update: Charny has updated his article now saying it is “not clear” if Jobs will attend. In addition Ryan Block, who was apparently there with Shaprio when he was talking about this, completely refutes the idea that Jobs was ever even asked to deliver the keynote.
He’s probably the best keynote presenter in the history of history. Probably. And now Steve Jobs has been asked to present the opening keynote at next year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Nevada.
A report yesterday from the Wall Street Journal’s Ben Charny reveals that Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) chief executive Gary Shapiro asked Jobs to deliver the keynote at next year’s show. The CES is the world’s biggest consumer electronics trade show. Apple (s aapl) is a confirmed attendee for 2010, marking the first time it has attended the event since the trade show began thirty-odd years ago.
Shapiro was at dinner with journalists who asked him if he had invited Steve Jobs to keynote the show. Charny writes:

Yes, Jobs has been asked, but nobody from Apple has gotten back to him, Shapiro said. This isn’t the first time he’s contacted Jobs and not gotten a response, he said.

When reminded that Jobs rarely grants interviews or responds to requests of this kind, Shapiro said:

“I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one in that position.”

Confirmed keynoters at next year’s show include Intel’s (s intc) CEO Paul Otellini and Microsoft’s (s msft) CEO Steve Ballmer.
Apple pulled out of the MacWorld Expo trade shows so that it did not feel obliged to make announcements at the event that were not in-step with the company’s product roadmaps. If Apple has anything to brag about early in the new year (a MacTablet, anyone?) CES provides an enticing opportunity.
This year’s CES attendance was down a depressing 20 percent — blamed, naturally, on the global recession. If Jobs accepts the invitation, perhaps next year’s attendance figure will see a significant improvement. And I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather see Steve Jobs deliver the opening Keynote than Steve “I love this company!” Ballmer.