Yet Another Reason Our Readers Rock

kodak-carosuel-750After unexpectedly being offline for most of yesterday to handle some estate affairs, I’m just starting to get caught up on mobile tech news of the day. But first thing this morning, I tweeted a picture of something I found last night. It’s not mobile, but there is a mobile aspect if you bear with me. I found my father’s old Kodak slide projector along with tons of family slides ranging from 1971 to 1984. In one of the early slides, I’m a toddler on the Staten Island ferry and you can easily see the World Trade Center under construction in the background. What an amazing picture to have! Of course, it’s on a slide, so I’ll have to make the image more mobile by digitizing it.
Wouldn’t you know that not even 30 minutes from the time I tweeted my find, I was contacted directly by one of our readers? He offered to loan me a USB device that can read the slides and digitize them into .JPG format. This way, I can share the images with my family, post some of the non-personal historical ones online and carry around any that are near and dear to me. The offer to borrow a digitizer isn’t the first time I’ve had a reader try to lend a hand either. I can’t count how many times folks have offered to loan me a netbook, notebook, camera lens and various other bits of gear. Each is a kind and generous offer.
That’s what makes jkOnTheRun what it is — it’s not what James and I write, nor what we do —  it’s the camaraderie and community that offers the real value. It’s the readers that make this site what it is each and every day and for that, I’m sincerely grateful!