FCC’s Genachowski: ‘Right Time To Have Everything On The Table’ For Kids

B&C has the latest — and one of the best — in a wave of interviews marking the first month of Julius Genachowski’s tenure as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. Read the original for a good FCC road map. A few of the highlights:
Kids’ programming: For Genachowski, it’s the “right time to have everything on the table,” especially when it comes to regulations around children’s programming, Genachowski wants to finish a look into interactive children’s advertising that started several years ago. He told B&C he agrees with the tentative conclusion that interactive advertising should only be available with parental control:
“If parents want their kid to have that feature, that is fine. But if parents are concerned, kids won’t be able to easily poke around through children’s television programming into commercial sites. I want the FCC to finish the process and analyze the record; based on what I know now, I think the outcome will be to codify that tentative conclusion.”
State of journalism: Genachowski shares the concerns of fellow commissioner Michael Copps about the state of journalism but don’t expect fast action. “The commission will be tackling this topic, but we haven’t announced a timetable.”
Broadband: He’s committed to the hard date of Feb. 17, 2010 for a new national broadband rollout plan. “We are a country in need of a national broadband strategy 10 years ago. But we are where we are. It is a terrific thing for the country that the president and Congress instructed the FCC to develop a broadband strategy.”