ASA Agrees With Apple for Once


“There’s an app for just about anything…only on the iPhone.” Words we’re all accustomed to hearing at the end of Apple’s iPhone commercials. Here in the UK, those words got Apple (s aapl) into hot water (again) with the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA), who have slapped Apple’s wrists twice before for ‘misleading’ commercials. (Watch the ad here.)

The problem this time was from fans of Google (s goog) Android who took offense to the claim that such app-tastic diversity and choice is available “only” on the iPhone. Because, obviously, Google’s version of the App Store, “Android Market” is just bursting with choice, right?
TUAW’s Mel Martin reports Apple responded to the complaint explaining their claim “only on the iPhone” was based on the understanding the App Store, “provided users with a unique experience unmatched by any other application marketplace, including the Android Market”.
According to Martin, the App Store currently offers 50,000 applications, compared with only 2,100 on the Android Market.
The ASA ruled in favor of Apple, concluding, “Because Apple had shown there were far more applications available for the iPhone than the G1 phone, and user experience of the iPhone and the App Store was distinct from its competitor, we concluded that the claim ‘only on the iPhone’ was justified and not misleading.”