KidZui Launches Kid-Friendly Video Hub: ZuiTube

Kid-friendly web browser KidZui is trying its hand at online video, launching ZuiTube, a YouTube-powered video site that aggregates clips that have been pre-screened by a panel of parents and teachers. The site currently has around 60,000 clips (including the JK Wedding sensation), as well as official music videos from tween celebs like High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens — but no ads.
The San Diego-based startup makes money by selling premium features (like customized avatars and more security controls for parents) for its free-to-download browser. CEO Cliff Boro pitched the new video site as a value-add — keying in to the fact that kids are clamoring for online video, and their parents want to make sure it’s safe.
Users with premium memberships can share and rate clips, as well as create custom video channels. KidZui says “hundreds of thousands” of users have currently installed its browser. The startup launched with an $8 million round of funding last year, and recently sealed a distribution deal with with *Comcast*. Release.