Trend Following and Tech Opportunities

Thanks to this gloomy economy, many people are looking for work, and many people who already have some are looking for more. The job search sites are good places to start, but not everyone realizes that you can use some of the employment sites to track employment trends. Being aware of trends in the job market is useful, whether you are currently looking for work or wondering what kinds of skills you might add to your arsenal for the future. SimplyHired and are both sites that work well for this purpose.

At’s home page, you can search by job title, company name and location for employment opportunities, but if you go down to the bottom of the home page and click on “Job Trends,” you can get a lot of additional information. At the top of the site’s Job Trends page, seen here, you can enter in either single search terms, or multiple terms for comparison purposes. You can see an example of a comparison in the graph above. I entered “PHP” and “AJAX” as my search terms (separated by a comma), and then clicked “Find Trends.”
As you can see from the chart above, the percentage of PHP-related jobs in’s database has been falling slightly behind AJAX-related jobs since 2007. At the bottom of the chart, I can also jump straight to PHP- and AJAX-related jobs.
Likewise, at SimplyHired’s home page, you can click on “Trends” at the bottom of the page, and you’ll arrive at this Trends page. Here again, to compare trends, you separate your search terms with commas. Below, I entered “Omniture” and “Google Analytics” as my search terms, separated by a comma. As noted below the chart, Google Analytics-related jobs have risen 179 percent since December of 2007, while Omniture jobs have risen 92 percent. SimplyHired’s Trends page calculates these summaries automatically, in addition to the charts.

You can also compare job trends by location. For example, entering “San Francisco Omniture” and “Los Angeles Omniture” will show you percentages of Omniture-focused jobs for the two locations. If you’re looking for opportunities, keep your eyes on both the jobs and the trends.
Where do you look for information about trends in the job market?