Quick Pick: Upload Videos to Flickr With Mobile Fotos


I have been using Mobile Fotos since its initial release for uploading photos to Flickr. It’s both easy to use and powerful. However, since purchasing the iPhone 3GS, the one feature I’ve been really excited about is uploading videos to Flickr without using email. Prior to the recent software update, if you wanted to upload videos to Flickr you had to email them to your Flickr specific email address, or email them to your computer and use software or the Flickr web site to upload.

Adding video recording and uploading functionality makes this the ultimate Flickr app. The iPhone’s (s aapl) API allows Mobile Fotos to not only record and upload, but also trim videos exactly like the built-in Photos app.
Uploading photos and videos in Mobile Fotos has all of the options one would expect: title, description, tags, privacy controls and location. Below are two screenshots from the app’s thorough upload process.

upload1 upload2

The Settings area is where you set up multiple accounts, Twitter integration and upload connection settings.
Mobile Fotos is definitely worth $2.99 if you share your content with Flickr. If you’re not interested in uploading videos to Flickr (maybe you’re a Twitter addict, or just looking for something cheaper), then you should check out TwitVid. Sharing a video is done in three steps: sign in to Twitter, record a new video (or select an existing video) and enter text for a tweet. Your Twitter account is instantly updated and the video is ready to view. Here’s an example tweet and the resulting page on TwitVid. It doesn’t get any easier than that.