Vid-Biz: Brightcove, The Lake, Lego

Brightcove Partners with Livestream; the two companies have developed a way for customers to incorporate pre-recorded live video streams into Brightcove’s system, or use its players for new, live streams. (Contentinople)
The Lake Gets Johnson & Johnson Sponsorship; it’s reportedly a six-figure deal for the Generate show. (MediaWeek)
Lego Rejects Use of Spinal Tap Video; toy company says a UGC stop-motion video for the song “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight” can’t be part of the concert DVD. (The New York Times)

Verizon Releases DVR Updates; FiOS Media Manager connects customers’ PCs to their TVs for photo and video viewing; and customers with Net-enabled phones can now remotely manage their DVRs. (emailed release)
300 Million DLNA-Certified Components to Ship by 2012; up from 83 million last year; growth spurred by web-connected TVs. (Video Business)
Berliner Philharmoniker to Webcast 33 Concerts Live; the Digital Concert Hall series opens Aug. 28; full season subscription costs $209. (