Google Reader Adds Easy Sharing, Other Features

I read a lot of online publications, and I like to share interesting articles with clients and friends on Twitter.  If you use Google Reader (s goog) to browse RSS feeds, as I do, it’s now easier to post links to news articles you’ve found in Google Reader to sites like Twitter, Facebook and Digg.
Google-Reader-send-toIn Google Reader’s Settings, you’ll now find an option called “Send To.” On that screen, you can specify which services you want to be able to post to. Once you’ve set it up, at the bottom of each article in the main Google Reader screen, you’ll see a “Send To” menu.
The system does work, but it’s decidedly low-tech. As an example, if you click “Send to Twitter,” Google Reader brings you to your Twitter account via a popup window, meaning that you’ll need to turn off popup blocking for in your browser — something many people will prefer not to do.
By comparison, most of the other services that allow you to post to Twitter, like FriendFeed,, Streamy, Amplify and Posterous, use the Twitter oAuth system, which is much slicker — although oAuth has been down a lot recently due to the attacks against Twitter. I will probably continue to use FriendFeed as my link between Google Reader and Twitter, but the new Reader feature is a nice alternative option.
google-reader-dropdownIn addition to the “Send To” feature, Google Reader has added a dropdown menu to the “Mark All as Read” button that allows you to mark as read only those articles older than a day, a week, or two weeks. You can also easily subscribe to the feeds of people you follow, and there are added enhancements to the comment screen, and to the start pages of the mobile versions of the Reader.
How do you post links to Twitter and other social sites?