reMail Brings Offline Email Searching to the iPhone

reMail StatusApple (s aapl) has done a decent job with email on the iPhone, but now there’s a better way to deal with the thousands of messages some of us receive. reMail, a new app for the iPhone, launched today, and it offers email capabilities that rival desktop equivalents.
reMail downloads and stores all your email on the iPhone, eliminating the need for interacting with a server. This means you can search your email at lightning speed, even without a network connection. Business travelers take note: You can now do full-text searches of your thousands of emails, even while sitting on a plane at 35,000 feet. No Wi-Fi needed.
The reMail app is the brainchild of Gabor Cselle, formerly of Google (s goog) and Xobni. Cselle’s past work experience is partly the basis for reMail, and it is clear that fast searching is a primary objective with the app. The program must download all of your email to the iPhone when first installed, and that can take a long time. I installed it, and it took 11 hours to download my 33,000+ messages to the iPhone, and that was over a fast Wi-Fi connection. This is necessary to allow fast full-text searching, and to access the email without a network connection.
The app is available now from the iTunes App Store for an introductory price of $4.99. The price will increase to $9.99 on Sept. 1.