How Do You Define Hyperlocal?

When the MSNBC acquisition of EveryBlock popped Monday, just about everyone — paidContent included — quickly added “hyperlocal” as the key description. But it’s a term founder and new MSNBC employee Adrian Holovaty has actively disavowed in the past — and one the MSNBC announcement avoided, opting instead for “innovative local site” that “goes to the block level.” Yes, that does sound pretty hyperlocal so why wouldn’t it be? Here’s Holovaty’s explanation from Dec. 4, 2008 about why he prefers “microlocal” (In a nice twist, he was explaining why EveryBlock and the Washington Post’s Loudoun Extra don’t belong in the same category; the same day the EveryBlock sale went public, WaPo admitted it is closing the hyperlocal site in September.):
“At EveryBlock, we don’t use the term ‘hyperlocal’ to refer to our site, because, frankly, it sells our site short. There’s a profound difference between something like the Washington Post’s Loudoun Extra