Daily Sprout

Electrifying the Autobahn: The German government unveiled plans today to have one million electric cars zipping along the autbahn by 2020, “offering sweeteners to jump-start national giants like BMW and Volkswagen into action.” — AFP via Grist
Fuel from Biomass, Sewage Sludge Headed for LAX: Synthetic fuels and fertilizer maker Rentech (s RTK) announced a deal today with Aircraft Service International Group, which provides fueling at the LA International Airport, to supply up to 1.5 million gallons per year of renewable synthetic diesel fuel for ground-based equipment of at least eight airlines starting in late 2012. — Cleantech Group
Study: Renewables Safer than Fossil Fuels: Doctors from the Medical College of Wisconsin and Duke University Medical Center have just published an analysis finding that a shift to producing power power from renewable resources like solar and wind rather than burning fossil fuels could prevent an estimated 1,300 worker deaths in the coming decade. — Scientific American Blog
Energy Frenemies: “It’s not clear that wind and gas interests will coexist peacefully.” In Texas, wind is already driving down power prices, putting the squeeze on profits from natural gas. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital
Next-Gen Plastic Recycling?: The first factory that can take unsorted, dirty plastic waste and turn it into a substitute for plywood has just opened in Luton, England by a company called 2K Manufacturing, with support from construction compay Bovis. — The Economist