Zoho Notebook Takes On OneNote and Evernote With New Features

While the Microsoft OneNote 2010 Technical Preview (s msft) and the latest Evernote features typically garner attention, it’s important to not countZoho_Logo Zoho out of the race just yet. Zoho Notebook is a good online note taking application, which recently got some new enhancements. Zoho excels in a strong user experience and feature set that is getting ever closer to rivaling traditional desktop office productivity applications. This post is going to take a look at the latest round of improvements that recently hit the app.

While Zoho generally stays innovative and competitive with its web office productivity suite, Zoho Notebook was beginning to lag behind — especially because it lacked a search capability. This was a major deficit in an otherwise promising note-taking tool, which has now, thankfully, been rectified. The new version displays search results in a tab on the right.
Click on a search result and the notebook appears in a new tab with the focus on the page containing the search keyword. You have the option to search across a single notebook, or across multiple notebooks.
Move Objects Between Pages and Notebooks
The “Move” feature new feature resolves perhaps the greatest deficiency, after the lack of search, and lets you move objects between pages and notebooks. Under each object you will now notice a “Move” option, which lets you choose the target book/page where you want to move the object.
HTML Export
Another useful new feature is HTML export. With this enhancement, you have the option to export an individual page or an entire book as an HTML page. This enhancement complements Zoho Notebook’s existing MHTML format export, which enables you to open Zoho Notebooks in Microsoft OneNote.
Previously when you deleted a notebook or a page, there was no thought that you might need to restore it at a later date. Now, with the Trash feature you can restore pages or notebooks from the Trash bin. To delete a page or notebook permanently, you must do so from the Trash.
This is a step in the right direction for better knowledge management.

Zoho Notebook and Web Office Productivity
This latest round of Zoho Notebook enhancements are much needed and a testament that Zoho is open and responsive to user feedback. However, with the impending launch of OneNote 2010 and the new features churning out every week from Evernote, Zoho Notebook is still in catch up mode.
Have you checked out Zoho Notebook yet?